Summer Opportunity for First and Second Year Students with the Legal Studies Institute

May 24 – August 1, 2009
Washington, DC

The Legal Studies Institute, sponsored by The Fund for American Studies, provides the opportunity for first and second year law students to gain a first-hand look at the American legal system through legal internships, seminars, guest speakers and briefings. The program offers the following five components:

Legal Internship : Participants will be placed in a 9-week legal internship where they will gain substantive experience in the legal profession. Internship sites include law firms, courts, public interest legal organizations, and the legal departments of trade associations, corporations and government agencies.

Seminar on Constitutional Law : Participants will attend a 3-credit seminar on Constitutional law taught by leading legal scholars, including Dr. John Baker from the Louisiana State University School of Law and Dr. Roger Pilon of the Cato Institute.

Briefings and Activities : Participants will attend private briefings at institutions of the judicial and executive branches and will meet with prominent judges, lawyers and judicial scholars.
Career Development Activities : Workshops will be held to help prepare participants for success in their law careers.

Attorney Mentor Program : Each participant will be matched with an experienced lawyer who will serve as a professional mentor during and after the program.

Applications for the program will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis until the final deadline of March 20, 2009.

Students completing their applications by the early deadline of January 30, 2009 will receive a 5% discount on their tuition balance as well as priority admissions and scholarship consideration. Housing in furnished apartments located on Capitol Hill is included in the program fee.

Nominated students will receive priority consideration for admission and scholarship funding. Interested candidates should contact their career advisor to receive priority consideration.

For more information and to begin an online application, please visit