PSLawNet: Valuable Resource for Public Service and Public Interest Careers

The Public Service Law Network Worldwide ( is a national network of over 2,000 organizations that offer students and graduates opportunities in legally-related public interest and public service work.

PSLawNet is a comprehensive site. In addition to containing job postings for both internships and postgraduate positions, PSLawNet offers resources for those interested in a public interest career. Among the many publications available on the site are those dedicated to federal government job searches (including the “Plum Book” of federal positions to be vacated with the change in administration), prosecutor and public defender careers, guides to searching for international internships and postgraduate fellowships and tips on working on Capitol hill.

For those interested in postgraduate fellowships, PSLawNet has a comprehensive section devoted to these opportunities including a “background information and resources page” and fellowships deadline calendar.

To use PSLawNet, you must register. Registration is free and easy to do. Visit PSLawNet and, under “New User” select “Job Seeker.” You will then be redirected to the registration page.