The Fifth Annual Working in the Public Interest Law Conference

The Fifth Annual Working in the Public Interest Law Conference  

February 26-27, 2010

 University of Georgia School of Law

Registration is FREE for all students!  Pre-Registration materials and other useful information are currently available online. General Registration (electronic) will open in January 2010. If you have questions, please email the conference organizers.  The conference will be held at the University of Georgia School of Law.   Free housing is available for student attendees.


Prison Reform:  Disentanglement from the Concrete Jungle – Issues Facing Former Inmates Struggling to Reintegrate into Society

Environmental Justice:  Not In My Backyard – The Disproportionate Impact of Pollution on Minority and Impoverished Communities

Advocacy & Crossover Kids:  When a Child Never Had a Chance – The Pipeline Carrying Children From Foster Care to Juvenile Delinquency

LGBT:  Don’t Be a Hater! – When Hate Crimes Are Directed At Members of the LGBT Community

Immigration:  The Selective Melting Pot – Balancing the Competing Interests of our Nation and our Immigrants

Public Interest versus Private Practice: Why it Doesn’t Have to Be a Choice

Education Advocacy in Public Interest:  Lessons to be Learned

Media Representation of the Public Interest:  Is Seeing Really Believing?

CLE credits available for a small registration fee.