Goizueta Foundation Graduate Fellowships

The Goizueta Foundation Graduate Fellowship Program provides assistance to doctoral students who wish to use the research resources available in the University of Miami Cuban Heritage Collection (CHC) in support of dissertation research. The goal of the Goizueta Foundation Graduate Fellowships is to engage emerging scholars with the materials available in the CHC and thus contribute to the larger body of scholarship in Cuban, American, Latin@, hemispheric and international studies.

Launched in 2010 with a grant from The Goizueta Foundation, the program has grown to support the research of 67 emerging scholars from 35 universities. In 2015 the Foundation made a $1 million gift to endow the program as part of the University’s Momentum2 campaign, allowing the CHC to continue awarding research funding to doctoral candidates from across the United States. The 2016-2017 award recipients will be the first class of Goizueta Fellows.

Award Categories:

Graduate Pre-Prospectus Summer Fellowships 

Pre-Prospectus Summer Fellowships will allow doctoral students to determine how the Cuban Heritage Collection may serve their research needs as they prepare the dissertation prospectus. These are exploratory fellowships to determine if research resources in the CHC will support a dissertation. Fellowships of $1,500 will be granted for one month in residence between June 1 and August 31 of 2016.

Graduate Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships will support doctoral students who wish to use the Cuban Heritage Collection as a primary resource for a dissertation. Doctoral students applying for these fellowships will have completed their course work and passed their qualifying examinations. They will be prepared to pursue research based on an approved prospectus. Fellowships of $3,000 per month will be granted for periods of one to three months. These fellowships will take place between June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017. All recipients must be in residence during the course of the fellowship and may not hold concurrent teaching positions. 

Applications will be evaluated by independent reviewers based on:

  • merit of the proposal
  • applicant’s qualifications
  • demonstrated need to access the Cuban Heritage Collection’s particular holdings


  • All U.S. citizens and permanent residents of the United States who are doctoral candidates enrolled at a university in the U.S. are eligible to apply.
  • Foreign nationals residing in the United States on F-1 student visas who are doctoral candidates enrolled at a university in the U.S. are eligible to apply.
  • Former Graduate Pre-Prospectus Fellows may apply for a Graduate Research Fellowship.
  • Applicants may be required to provide positive proof of residence.

Applications: All application materials must be received by Monday, February 1, 2016, and submitted electronically on Interfolio. Attachments are preferred as PDF files. Fellowship applicants must submit the following:

  • application form
  • research statement: a project abstract of no more than 300 words
  • proposal: a project description of no more than 1,500 words
  • research plan: a list of Cuban Heritage Collection materials to be consulted during the fellowship period. The list need not be comprehensive but should demonstrate your specific need to carry out research at the Cuban Heritage Collection.
  • curriculum vitae
  • three confidential letters of reference

Apply hereApplication Deadline: February 1, 2016 Questions about the fellowships program or application instructions should be directed here.