The Law Student Division Mentoring Program

The Florida Bar YLD Law Student Division Mentoring Program was designed with the main goal of connecting Law Student Division members with Florida attorneys. The Florida Bar YLD Law Student Division has built a statewide network of attorneys to mentor students both locally and across the state. To accommodate Law Student Division members, mentees have the opportunity to select whether they prefer to be paired with a local mentor or an Across-the-State mentor. Local mentors are expected to meet with their mentees at least 5 times during the program, focusing on real legal experience, networking and professionalism by allowing their mentee to attend events and activities such as depositions, trials, negotiations, closings, hearings, mediations, document executions, client consultations, and/or local bar events, activities and educational programs.

Across-the-State mentors benefit those students who may be attending law school in one part of the State, but who have plans after graduation to practice in another part of the State, and/or students who want to learn about a particular practice area in which a practitioner outside of their school’s geographic region specializes. Mentors and mentees paired through an “Across-the-State” mentoring relationship will communicate electronically and/or by phone. Such relationship will allow the mentee to establish a relationship with an attorney who practices in their future “home” base and/or ideal post-graduation practice area.

The Law Student Division Mentoring Program is a benefit to Law Student Division members. Therefore, only applications received from Law Student Division members will be considered for the Mentoring Program. Law Student Division membership is free to law students and we encourage you to sign-up as a Law Student Division member by clicking here.

Applications will close on October 15, 2013 at midnight. The form for the mentoring program is due October 15th. 

Please complete the form if you would like to have a mentor.