The Inter-American Bar Association (IABA) Competition for Law Student Best Paper Award – Deadline is April 23, 2013


The Inter-American Bar Association (IABA) awards prizes at each of its annual conferences for the three best research papers presented by law students from throughout the Americas. The next IABA Conference will be held at Asuncion, Paraguay, from June 20th to 24th, 2013.

Benefits. Each award includes:

  • IABA membership (valid for one year);
  • Certificate of recognition; and
  • Possible publication of the winning papers in the IABA Newsletter.

The central themes of the conference are:

  • The role of the executive, legislative and judiciary branches in consolidating integration processes;
  • Challenges posed by integration for the legal profession in general; and
  • The need for consolidating integration from a business perspective.

The contestant must choose and develop one of the following topics:

The Role of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches in Consolidating Integration Processes.
– The role of community justice in the integration processes.
– The contribution of international cooperation and civil society to judicial reforms in regional integration processes.
– Control of judicial management and regional integration.
– Independence and autonomy of the judiciary.
– Innovation, development and common policies for integration systems.

Challenges posed by integration for the legal profession in general.

– Challenges of the Legal Profession for Integration and Compulsory Membership
– Legal practice and Community law.
– Actions of professionals within the framework of regional integration.
– Law school curricula and regional integration.
– Legal practice within MERCOSUR.
– Community legal education.

The need to consolidate integration from a business perspective.

– New Trends in International Trade Law.
– Challenges for Advocacy and Compulsory Integration.
– Tax vs. economy and integration systems.
– Intellectual property in the Internet age in Community Law.
– The business climate in the Americas.
– Alternative means of dispute resolution: mediation, conciliation and arbitration in the integration process.
– Right of employers in the regulatory system of the MERCOSUR countries.

The paper shall adhere to the following requirements:

  • The work must be original, and relate to one of the topics proposed above. The Paper may be written in English, Spanish, Portuguese or French;
  • The Paper must be at least 20 pages and a maximum of 30 typed pages at one-and-a-half space (1.5), excluding footnotes;
  • The Paper shall be written in Arial, size 12;
  • Margins: left 3; others 2.5 cm.;
  • The Paper must contain in its structure: title, certification of university authority, index, introduction, chapters, conclusions, recommendations, references and annexes;
  • The cover should indicate its title, author’s name and address, and name of law school to which he/she belongs;
  • The Paper must be accompanied by a certificate from the competent authority stating that the author is a student of the academic institution;
  • Presentation must be in electronic form;
  • Papers must be received no later than April 23, 2013, electronically at the address of the Office of the IABA Headquarters, attention: Ms. Patricia de la Riva, and from there they will be re-sent to the Evaluation Committee. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For information, please visit the website.