The Career Development Office Announces the Start of Fall Recruiting 2012!

The Career Development Office (“CDO”) would like to announce the start of Fall Recruiting 2012. Fall Recruiting 2012 is a collection of programs coordinated by the CDO for employers interested in interviewing University of Miami law students for summer and post-graduate positions. These programs include the Fall On Campus Interview (OCI) Program, Resume Referral and Direct Contact Program, Fall Externship Program and Spring Externship Program. At different points throughout the summer and fall semester, students will have opportunities to apply for positions with a wide variety of employers participating in one or more of these programs.

The CDO encourages you to check your emails and carefully read the Fall Recruiting email and the Fall Recruiting 2012 Student Handbook attached to it. If you have any questions thereafter, please feel free to contact Nirva Pierre-Louis or the CDO directly. The following are important points to keep in mind as you navigate through the job search process.

I. Fall Recruiting 2012 Handbook:

The Fall Recruiting 2012 Handbook provides students with detailed information on all aspects of Fall Recruiting. The Handbook was attached to the bottom of the email sent to you, and it is also accessible on the CDO Document Library on Symplicity. Please be sure to read the Handbook in its entirety as it will likely answer many of the questions you may have.

II. Fall Recruiting Bidding Process:

Each component of Fall Recruiting will have its own application period. These application periods are referred to as bidding periods. The general bidding periods for each component of Fall Recruiting 2012 is as follows:

• Fall OCI Program, Phase I: Early July 2012

  • Please see the Fall Recruiting 2012 Handbook, General Information section for important information regarding Phase I.

Fall OCI Program, Phase II: Mid-August through Late September 2012

Fall Resume Referral and Direct Contact Program: Early July 2012 through Early October 2012

Fall Externship Program: Mid-June through Early August 2012

  • Bidding for the Fall Externship Program is already underway.

Spring Externship Program: Late August through Late November 2012

To learn more about each component of Fall Recruiting, please view the “General Information” section of the Fall Recruiting 2012 Handbook. The CDO will be in touch with students via email to announce the various bidding periods and students are strongly encouraged to read all emails from the CDO to ensure that no deadlines are missed. Detailed instructions on how to complete the bidding process are available in the “Student Guide to Symplicity” section of the Fall Recruiting 2012 Handbook. Bidding will be conducted on Symplicity. All students have an account on Symplicity. If you did not receive your login information, please email the CDO and provide your full name, graduation month/year, Cane I.D. and email address (this email address will be your username for the site). You will then receive your login information via email. Please allow up to two (2) business days for a response.

III. Fall Recruiting and Your Application Materials:

Every employer participating in Fall Recruiting will want to see a copy of your resume and many will also request copies of your transcript and/or writing sample. On few occasions, an employer will require the submission of a cover letter. The CDO strongly recommends that you have your resume reviewed by your advisor. CDO advisors are available to review resumes throughout the summer and fall. Advisors review resumes in the order they are received so it is to your benefit not to wait until the last minute to submit your resume.

IV. Fall Recruiting and Beyond:

Fall Recruiting is just one of the many ways students obtain both summer and post-graduate positions. It is important that you think broadly about your interests and look into a variety of opportunities available. Many other opportunities also have early deadlines that coincide with the fall recruiting period such as job fairs, government, public interest and judicial opportunities. For more information on all opportunities, please review the appropriate sections of the Fall Recruiting 2012 Handbook. Also, for information on fall semester judicial internships or post graduate clerkships you may also contact Amy Perez, Director of Judicial Clerkships.

V. The CDO is Here to Help:

This summer is an excellent time to discuss your interests with your CDO advisor and to devise a job search plan that is right for you. The earlier you discuss your job search, the less likely you will miss out on important deadlines. The CDO is open daily this summer from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You may schedule an in person or telephonic appointment with your advisor by calling (305) 284-2668 or emailing the CDO.

VI. What’s Next:

Starting soon, students will be able to bid on employers participating in Phase I of the Fall OCI program and in the Fall Resume Referral and Direct Contact Program. You should receive an email with more information regarding these components to Fall Recruiting. Please continue to check your email account for additional information about fall recruiting. To discuss the various opportunities available during the fall recruiting process, please contact your CDO advisor.