Dickstein Shapiro Diversity Scholarship

The Dickstein Shapiro Diversity Scholarship is part of the firm’s ongoing efforts to increase diversity in the legal profession and support the next generation of diverse attorneys. A key component of the firm’s diversity efforts is the aggressive recruitment of minority and LGBT candidates.

Dickstein Shapiro makes one $25,000 diversity scholarship available to a second-year law student who will participate in their Summer Associate Program and has excelled academically, professionally and personally. The scholarship is intended to help defray the cost of law school tuition and related expenses, and is awarded as follows:

The scholarship recipient receives $15,000 upon completion of the Summer Associate Program and an additional $10,000 upon acceptance of a full-time offer of employment upon graduation. The scholarship recipient must spend his or her entire summer in the firm’s Program (i.e., split summers are not allowed).

Selection Criteria:

To qualify, candidates must: (1) meet the academic and hiring criteria of Dickstein Shapiro’s summer associate program; and (2) be a member of one of the racial/ethnic groups set forth by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, be a student with a disability, or be a member of the LGBT community.

Application Process:

To apply for the 2012 Diversity Scholarship, please complete the Summer Associate application  and answer the scholarship questions at the end of the form.  The deadline to apply has been pushed back to September 8th. Students who previously submitted bids to Dickstein Shapiro through Symplicity do not need to resubmit their bids.  Students who are interested in this employer and who did not submit a bid can find this employer in the September 8th Resume Referral/Direct Contact OCI Session.  Please also note that students should apply both through Symplicity and through the Diversity Scholarship process