Fall Recruiting is Here!

The Career Development Office (“CDO”) would like to announce the start of Fall Recruiting 2011.  Fall Recruiting 2011 is a collection of programs coordinated by the CDO for employers interested in interviewing University of Miami law students for summer and post-graduate positions. These programs include the Fall On Campus Interview (“OCI”) Program, Resume Referral and Direct Contact Program, Fall Externship Program and Spring Externship Program. At different points throughout the summer and fall semester, students will have opportunities to apply for positions with a wide variety of employers participating in one or more of these programs.

Bidding is currently underway for the first phase of the Fall 2011 OCI Program and for the Fall Resume Referral and Direct Contact Program.  All returning students should have received detailed information about Fall Recruiting 2011 via email.  If you did not receive this information, please contact your CDO advisor or call the CDO at (305) 284-2668 and ask to speak to an advisor.