The 2011 Tri-State Diversity Recruiting Program

The 2011 Tri-State Diversity Recruiting Program will be held on August 19-20 in Covington, KY at the Embassy Suites Hotel. First held in 2005, the Tri-State Diversity Recruiting Program is the region’s premier diversity law student recruiting program. The program provides the opportunity for second and third-year law students to interview with law firms and corporations in the Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana region. This format gives students and employers the opportunity to network and interview.

The Tri-State Diversity Recruiting Program  was created as a result of the Gratz v. Bollinger and the Grutter v. Bollinger decisions, which declared that universities could no longer promote or favor one student group over another. This decision has been interpreted by law schools as prohibiting them from sponsoring minority recruitment programs as they have in the past. 

Greenebaum Doll & McDonald recognized the need for such a program and began sponsoring the event in 2005 after the University of Cincinnati declared they were no longer able to support the Minority Access Program they held on an annual basis. As a result, the Tri-State Diversity Recruiting Program was created to fill a void left by the Minority Access Program. This event connects employers with this highly sought after demographic.

“As a former participant in the University of Cincinnati’s Minority Access Program, Greenebaum recognized the need to continue such a worthy event,” stated Jeffrey A. McKenzie, former Tri-State Diversity Program Chair and Greenebaum Chairman and CEO. “The program is a wonderful opportunity for both employers and students.”

For more information contact Kim Spurlock at 502.587.3586 or email the organization.