Summer Dispute Resolution Institute (SDR) at Capital University Law School

This summer, Capital University Law School will be offering the Summer Dispute Resolution Institute (SDR) and some of these courses may be of interest to your students.  This is the third summer we have offered SDR and we are excited about the unique opportunity it provides to law students to gain practical skills in this rapidly growing field.

SDR is designed to meet the needs of law students seeking to accelerate their study of law in the summer.  SDR consists of 10 different week long courses. Law students can select to take one or more of the course offerings in the areas of negotiation, mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution. The courses are taught by nationally recognized ADR faculty and practitioners.


Courses being offered:

Dispute Resolution (2 credits) – July 11-15, 8 am-1:10 pm

Labor & Employment Arbitration (2 credits) – July 11-15, Noon-5:10 pm

Mediation (2 credits) – July 18-22, 8 am-1:10 pm

General Arbitration (2 credits) – July 18-22, Noon-5:10 pm

Divorce Mediation (3 credits) – July 25-July 29, 8 am-5:30 pm

Health Care & Dispute Resolution (2 credits) July 25-July 31, 1 pm-4:30 pm

Negotiation (2 credits) – Aug. 1-5, 8 am-1:10 pm

International Dispute Resolution (2 credits) – Aug. 1-5, Noon-5:10 pm

Business Negotiations (2 credits) – Aug. 8-12, 8 a.-1:10 pm

Mediating Workplace Conflicts (2 credits) – Aug. 8-12, Noon-5:10 pm


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