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Interested in Becoming a Law Professor?  The LatCrit Student Scholar Program (SSP) Can Be Your First Step.

For some, entering the professoriate can seem an impossible goal, for little encourgaing information about the profession tends to reach progressive law students. Since 2003, LatCrit has institutionalized its commitment  to help progressive students and recent alums prepare for and succeed in law teaching and the production of critical sociolegal scholarship through its Student Scholar Program (SSP).

LatCrit is a diverse group of counter-disciplinary scholars committed to the ongoing development of critical approaches to the study of law, policy and society.  Each year, LatCrit selects at least one student scholar or alumni scholar through this program which is open to J.D. students, and those who?ve received a J.D. in the last three years, who have a demonstrated commitment to producing quality scholarship as well as to pursuing LatCrit?s antisubordinationist goals through social justice activism.

The SSP’s primary objective is to promote activist-scholars who would not otherwise consider such a career path, as well as to mentor students of color who have been historically underrepresented in law teaching. Additionally, the SSP promotes activist students from other historically underrepresented or contemporarily marginalized groups to enter the legal academy.

Each Student Scholar receives a stipend of up to $500 to reimburse transportation costs to and from the annual LatCrit conference, as well as an in-kind contribution that covers registration, double-occupancy lodging and group meals at the conference.

Student Scholars are also assigned a faculty mentor to assist them with their scholarly project and professional career development, and gain the opportunity to publish their work in the annual LatCrit symposium volume. SSP Alums are also eligible for additional professional development opportunities and scholarships to participate in other LatCrit academic events such as the Study Space Series, South-North Exchange on Theory, Culture & Law, the Critical Global Classroom or the Colloquium on International & Comparative Law.

The SSP 2010 submission deadline is August 30, 2010!

While papers may address any critical aspect of race and the law, the following themes are of particular interest:

1.  Papers focusing on Latinas/os as a distinct but diverse social group and the group?s relationship to law or current legal regimes/practices;

2.  Papers adopting a comparative approach to understanding one group?s relationship to law and power relative to other axes of difference;

3.  Papers discussing LatCrit theory in relation to other critical projects that theorize class, gender, race, sexuality and other categories of socio?legal identities and relations; and

4.  Papers embracing an international perspective, cognizant of the heightened South-North (as well as ?East-West?) divide and critical of the impact of neoliberalism and globalization in the creation and maintenance of these territorialized, identity-contingent, structural inequalities.

SSP Eligibility Requirements and Submission Guidelines

Applicants for the 2010 LatCrit SSP must be interested in a law teaching career and in good standing during the 2010-2011 academic year at an accredited graduate or professional degree program anywhere in the world, including, but not limited to, JD, LL.M., JSD, and Ph.D. programs. We will also consider submissions from recent graduates of an ABA-approved law school.

Applicants must also be available to attend the entirety of the annual conference with the support provided by the SSP, and the Fifteenth LatCrit Conference will be held October 7-9, 2010 at the Denver University Sturm College of Law in Denver, CO.  Applicants must submit:

(1) a fully completed application form, which may be downloaded at;

(2) a current resume or curriculum vitae;

(3) a one-page personal statement explaining how the SSP will further the student?s intellectual and professional goals and how the student fulfills the SSP?s primary objective of diversifying the faculty in the legal academy with activist scholars; and

(4) a previously unpublished, original paper, authored by the applicant, of no more than 10,000 words, on any topic related to race, ethnicity and the law that the scholar-recipient would be willing to publish as part of a LatCrit publication.

Additional paper submission guidelines can be found at

All application materials must be typed and submitted in English in Microsoft Word format with the word count displayed on the first page. All text, including footnotes, must be double?spaced with one?inch margins on all sides of each page.

Submissions should be sent to Professor Sumi Cho, c/o Lawrence Arendt using “SSP Submission” in the subject line. If additional information is required, please visit under Projects, Student Programs, then Student Scholar Program.

SSP is a project of LatCrit, Inc. and co-sponsored by

DePaul University College of Law.