Writing Dean’s Fellows will work from the start of classes until the last day of classes, January 18 – April 25th for Spring 2022 semester. Writing Dean’s Fellows are available throughout the week. Currently, the program is working remotely. If you wish to schedule a meeting with a Writing Dean’s Fellow please contact Lori Maroon, Assistant Director, at 305-284- 9208.

Writing Dean’s Fellows will assist all students with:

  • General   Bluebook   questions   (including   citations,   quotes   and formatting)
  • Organization,  grammar,  punctuation  and  composition  for written papers and assignments
  • General research questions
  • Writing samples
  • Case briefs and outlines for personal study (not to be graded)
  • General academic advice
  • Practice exam preparation and review and exam strategy

Writing Dean’s Fellows will not assist all students with:

  • Legal analysis of substantive issues
  • L-Comm class assignments (All questions relating to those courses must be directed to each student’s assigned L-Comm faculty member)
  • Law Review submissions and assignments
  • Take-home exams
  • Moot Court Board assignments and competition submissions (unless a Professor advises you to get this assistance)
  • International   Moot   Court   Board   assignments   and   competition submissions (unless a Professor advises you to get this assistance)
  • Cover letters and resumes (please consult an advisor in the Career Development Office)

Spring 2022 Writing Dean’s Fellows are working remotely and will contact you to schedule a zoom meeting.