New Law Klinic Program at Kelley Kronenberg: Four Week Program for Newly Licensed Attorneys – HIGHLIGHT ON FINAL WEEK #4!

Kelley Kronenberg launched an initiative where newly licensed Attorneys across the State of Florida get to partake in its first-ever Law Klinic program. The Klinic is a 4-week program for newly licensed attorneys to be immersed in Kelley Kronenberg’s culture and receive comprehensive training in the area of First Party Property litigation.

The first Klinic class of 2021 started out small, allowing for one-on-one training from some of the top Partners and Attorneys in the Firm. After successful completion of the Law Klinic, members become Associates with the firm and placed with a specific team to independently handle a First Party Property caseload, alongside an experienced Partner.

Basic information about Kelley Kronenberg’s Law Klinic Program:

  • The Law Klinic is a 4-week training program for newly licensed Attorneys who are hired as entry-level Associates
  • New Associates will be immersed in the Kelley Kronenberg culture and receive comprehensive training in the area of First-Party Property litigation
  • Small classes with the opportunity to receive one-on-one training from some of the top Partners in the Firm
  • After successful completion, members will be assigned to legal teams within the Firm to handle First Party Property cases alongside an experience Partner

For questions and to apply, please email resume to Caroline Cimei. Can apply directly here. Deadline is October 1, 2021.

See the training in the 4-week program as follows:

Kelley Kronenberg Law Klinic Part IV: The Training Wheels Come Off

The initial reports are back! In the last and final week of the Law Klinic, each member was assigned a First-Party Property case and we were tasked with drafting initial reports to our respective clients. The cases that were assigned would remain our responsibility as we transitioned out of the Klinic – it was time for us to show what we have learned over the past four weeks. While I was excited for this week to finally arrive, it was bittersweet, the first Kelley Kronenberg Law Klinic was coming to an end. The investment that the firm put into each associate attorney and the legal training that we received, is unmatched.

So now you may be wondering, “what’s next?” I, along with the other three Klinic attorneys, were assigned to our respective units in our respective offices. The following week, we would be reporting to our offices, ready to work under our assigned unit leader. The case assignments would continue to come, and with the resources we were given these past four weeks, I have no doubt that each of us will be successful. While there were only four of us in the Klinic, we went from being strangers with very diverse backgrounds, to a small family that was always ready and willing to help another – the collaborative nature of Kelley Kronenberg rubbed off on each of us.

Whether you just graduated law school and will be sitting for the Florida Bar Exam, you are a brand-new attorney seeking your first entry-level attorney job, or you are like me – a practicing attorney looking to learn a new area of law, Kelley Kronenberg’s Law Klinic will provide you with an experience like no other. If you fit into any of the above categories, apply for the Law Klinic. But remember that you must do your part as well. Learn about Kelley Kronenberg and how it has grown. Go to the firm’s website and LinkedIn and learn about the many practice areas that Kelley Kronenberg offers. Research your interviewers and see if there are any similarities or differences that interest you about them. Be prepared but also be yourself. Show how you will fit into the firm’s culture and your willingness to learn. The selection process to become an associate attorney with Kelley Kronenberg is competitive, but it is well worth it. I have said it before and I will say it again… if you are seeking to learn an area of law, receive invaluable training, and be valued by your law firm, apply. In a couple of months, I look forward to sharing how Kelley Kronenberg’s law firm associate training program helped me transition into my role. And for those of you who choose to apply, good luck, and do not be afraid to reach out!

Meet the Author:

Meet the 2021 Law Klinic’ young attorney in training, Kalae Menard, and visit her Inaugural Law Klinic Program blog.

The next Law Klinic by Kelley Kronenberg starts in the Fall of 2021. To apply please send your resume via email to Kelley Kronenberg or to Caroline Cimei.