New Law Klinic Program at Kelley Kronenberg: Four Week Program for Newly Licensed Attorneys – HIGHLIGHT ON WEEK #3!

Kelley Kronenberg launched an initiative where newly licensed Attorneys across the State of Florida get to partake in its first-ever Law Klinic program. The Klinic is a 4-week program for newly licensed attorneys to be immersed in Kelley Kronenberg’s culture and receive comprehensive training in the area of First Party Property litigation.

The first Klinic class of 2021 started out small, allowing for one-on-one training from some of the top Partners and Attorneys in the Firm. After successful completion of the Law Klinic, members become Associates with the firm and placed with a specific team to independently handle a First Party Property caseload, alongside an experienced Partner.

Basic information about Kelley Kronenberg’s Law Klinic Program:

  • The Law Klinic is a 4-week training program for newly licensed Attorneys who are hired as entry-level Associates
  • New Associates will be immersed in the Kelley Kronenberg culture and receive comprehensive training in the area of First-Party Property litigation
  • Small classes with the opportunity to receive one-on-one training from some of the top Partners in the Firm
  • After successful completion, members will be assigned to legal teams within the Firm to handle First Party Property cases alongside an experience Partner

For questions and to apply, please email resume to Caroline Cimei. Can apply directly here. Deadline is October 1, 2021.

See the training in the 4-week program as follows:

Kelley Kronenberg Law Klinic Part III: What You Wished You Learned in Law School:

Every law student has heard the following phrase, “Law school does not prepare you for the real world.” You spend countless hours reading and briefing cases just to survive the possibility of being cold called in class. Traditionally, to gain that real world experience you must balance a law firm internship during law school or gain a post-JD internship; however, landing an internship or externship does not mean you will gain the legal training that is necessary to be prepared for entry-level attorney job.

Additionally, many of the cases you read to prepare for class were already resolved. You were left wondering: What happened prior to that resolution? How were the discovery tools you learned about in Civil Procedure used? Was there no reasonable resolution that could have been reached prior to trial? How do you prepare for a trial? Week three of the Law Klinic will not only provide you with these answers, but it will prepare you for the real world, and your position as a First-Party Property Attorney at Kelley Kronenberg.

This week I learned about depositions, negotiation techniques, and how to adequately prepare for trial. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to apply what I learned. Not only was I given practical tips, but I had the opportunity to practice conducting a deposition. I (along with the other Klinic members), was given a short fact pattern regarding a claim, and I had to question a mock witness as if it was a live deposition. Each member of the Klinic was given the opportunity to ask as many questions as desired, and at the end of the mock deposition, immediate feedback was given. I also had the opportunity to participate in a mock mediation. Two of the Klinic members represented the plaintiff, the other two represented the defendant, and we did not reach an agreed upon resolution. It was an enjoyable experience, and I was grateful that my first mediation happened at the guidance and mentorship of experienced Kelley Kronenberg attorneys.

My personal highlight for this week was the day we spent on trial prep. Like so many law students, I took a trial prep course in law school; however, there is no better learning experience than participating in an actual trial. As a former prosecutor, I conducted a few trials, and avoidable mistakes were made! The amount of knowledge that I gained from doing a trial cannot be taught in law school; nonetheless, the Law Klinic did a great job educating us on how to avoid those common mistakes. As a group, we discussed everything from pre-trial to post-trial matters, motion drafting, and objections. We were also given practical tips that only experienced attorneys would know – it was the conversation I wish I had prior to my first trial.

I remember how nervous I was during my first week at Kelley Kronenberg about my ability to do the job I was hired for – I knew nothing about First-Party Property. While I am still no First-Party Property expert, my confidence has grown each week. The Law Klinic has equipped me with the tools I need to be successful in my role, and I feel fully capable of doing my job. It is now the beginning of week four, and it is time for the training wheels to come off.

Meet the Author:

Meet the 2021 Law Klinic’ young attorney in training, Kalae Menard, and visit her Inaugural Law Klinic Program blog.

The next Law Klinic by Kelley Kronenberg starts in the Fall of 2021. To apply please send your resume via email to Kelley Kronenberg or to Caroline Cimei.

We will continue to share information regarding Part IV of the Law Klinic next week. Please stay tuned!