WHEN:           Thursday, April 1, 2021, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. (PT) | 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. (ET)

Please join us for Intel’s D&I Technology Summit for Law Students! At Intel, we believe the technology industry should reflect the diversity we see every day in the world around us. This webinar, offered in cooperation with our law firm partners, is designed to change our industry and change the world by encouraging diverse law students of all backgrounds to pursue careers in the technology sector.

Inspired by the overwhelming success of last year’s program, the Intel D&I Tech Summit will feature new speakers, new topics, and new ideas to bring you fresh perspectives on a career in Tech Law & Policy. The program will begin with introductions and a Welcome Presentation by Intel, before breaking into smaller breakout sessions.

The breakout sessions will be divided into two, 30-minute rounds to provide you with the opportunity to explore different areas. In these sessions you will have a chance to hear from our distinguished panelists, who will introduce themselves and their practice areas, and then take your questions. We hope you’ll join us for insightful conversations regarding practice areas including:

Antitrust Litigation
Antitrust litigation involves counseling your client and applying for regulatory approvals from competition authorities around the globe. You might be confronting suits by government regulators to stop or unwind your deal, or suing or getting sued by the merging entity. You might have a white collar crime matter in which you are dealing with employee involvement in alleged price fixing or bid rigging, and are negotiating with government entities for amnesty or a deferred prosecution deal, all the while fending off “follow-on” litigation around the globe, including class action cases in the U.S. brought in state and federal courts by diverse “classes” of those alleged to be harmed by the conduct. During this fast-paced session, we’ll take you through a typical day in the life of an “antitruster” and explain why certain large technology companies are currently in the crosshairs of government regulators.

Chat with Counsel for Intel’s Laptop and Data Center Businesses
Have you ever dreamed of being the general counsel for a multi-billion-dollar technology company? Do you want to use your legal skills to help develop cutting-edge technology that impacts everyone on the planet? If so, join our lead attorneys for Intel’s PC and Data Center businesses. You’ll learn about the cutting-edge legal and policy issues they address, how they embed within their business units and work closely with their business partners to drive Intel’s growth, as well as the career paths they took to these exciting roles.

Employment & Labor
Learn about the varied practice of employment law in technology through the lenses of both in-house and law firm attorneys. Get a taste of the myriad areas technology sector employers must navigate, including whistleblowers, civil rights, workers’ compensation, restrictive covenants, labor relations and employee benefits. We will share some fun war stories too!

Ever wondered what it is like to work with clients at the cutting edge of corporate sustainability? Come learn how, as an environmental attorney, you could assist high-tech manufacturers improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and conserve resources. This session will also provide insight into the complex and ever-evolving web of environmental laws and regulations high-tech manufacturers must navigate. If you are looking for a career in which you can work at the intersection of law, policy and science, this panel is for you!

Internal Investigations
What do paper shredders, car emissions, blood tests and college admissions have in common? Our panelists will discuss how companies investigate potential wrongdoing, including financial fraud, insider trading, bribery and ” Me Too” issues. This session will also cover the internal investigation process, from discovery of a potential issue to interacting with the DOJ, SEC, FBI and other governmental agencies in order to ultimately resolve a case. 

Intellectual Property Transactions and Litigation
Think you might want to be an IP lawyer, but aren’t sure what that means? For technology companies, their most valuable assets often are intellectual property rights like trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks or patents. Come hear how tech lawyers protect and work on matters involving these IP rights from both the transactional and litigation perspective. 

LinkedIn: How to Rock Your Profile
LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional community. Did you know that adding a photo to your LinkedIn profile will get you 21 times more views? One of them could be a recruiter for your next career play! Consider that 300k-people search by industry every week on LinkedIn. Is your industry listed? Join Elizabeth Wilke from LinkedIn, who will give you easy tips and advice for how to put your best foot forward on LinkedIn to get noticed, get hired, and get ahead. 

Mergers & Acquisitions – Emerging Companies – Venture Capital
What does an M&A lawyer do? Why do we do M&A and what is our lifestyle like, both at a law firm and in house? What are key steps you can take now to become a successful M&A practitioner? 

Privacy and Cybersecurity
Take a peek into the world of privacy and security as a cyber incident unfolds. We will walk through the day in the life of an attorney as she/he battles a cyber incident. 

Sales and Marketing
Have you ever wanted to say every day, “Show me the money!” and “Coffee is for closers”? Learn how antitrust law, marketing law, and negotiation strategy are applied to close deals and generate almost $80 billion in annual sales for Intel. 

Tech Policy and Government Affairs
Are you interested in how your legal skills can contribute to the transformation of personal mobility that’s happening globally with the development of autonomous vehicles? If so, join our attorneys as they discuss Intel’s automotive legal practice and their pathways to emerging tech policy. You’ll learn more about the benefits of self-driving vehicles and Intel’s cutting edge solutions to improve roadway safety, impact social equity and provide important environmental and societal benefits to the nation’s traveling public. 

Tech Policy and HBCUs
Join Dean Browne Lewis of North Carolina Central University School of Law for a “fireside” chat about HBCUs and how they are educating the next generation of lawyers to practice in the tech industry. Dean Lewis will talk with John Seward of Intel about the recently announced partnership between Intel and NCCU to create a new technology law and policy center, the important work the school and its students are doing in this area and why law students should consider a career in the technology industry. 

Technology Development (Intel Labs)
Are you wondering what the practice of technology law looks like from outside counsel and in-house counsel perspective? Join our panelists as they share their personal career journeys practicing technology transactional work and what it means to counsel clients on internal development, licensing and commercialization activities. We’ll also provide a brief overview of Intel Labs, with a spotlight on Intel’s program code named Loihi, which involves a neuromorphic computing chip that replicates many of the brain’s fundamental architectural properties.

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