CAP/PJI Capital/JLWOP Criminal Defense 2021 Summer Internship

The Capital Appeals Project (CAP) is a non-profit law office based in New Orleans, Louisiana that provides capital appellate and post-conviction representation to indigent people on Louisiana’s death row. CAP is one of the leading death penalty appeals offices in the country and has represented clients in several recent cases before the Supreme Court of the United States, including Kennedy v. Louisiana, Snyder v. Louisiana, and Montejo v. Louisiana. CAP provides high-quality representation in the state and federal courts throughout Louisiana and acts as a resource to public defenders and criminal defense lawyers across the state. CAP attorneys have successfully represented clients in state district courts, the Louisiana Supreme Court, and the U.S. Supreme Court, which in turn has improved the quality and standards of representation for indigent capital defendants in Louisiana. We also represent a number of non-capital juvenile clients in proceedings implementing the recent Miller/Montgomery Supreme Court decisions which limit life without parole sentences for juvenile offenders.

CAP works closely with The Promise of Justice Initiative (PJI), a New Orleans based nonprofit that works to create positive change for people in the criminal justice system at the intersection of direct services, impact litigation, and community engagement. We believe in a world where our justice system values each person; a world where the system supports rehabilitation, and a world where we approach justice with a lens of healing and restoration for those who are harmed. This world will be safer and more secure for all people. Through PJI, we also represent death sentenced inmates in federal habeas corpus proceedings and non-capital clients in strategic criminal representation.

Internship Description and Requirements:

Each summer intern is assigned to a senior attorney for supervision and mentorship. Capital and JLWOP criminal defense interns work on individual cases in appeal, post-conviction or federal habeas proceedings, assisting attorneys, investigators and other staff. Depending on the caseload of their supervising attorney, interns may also have the opportunity to participate in some civil conditions of confinement cases. Work includes visiting clients, reviewing trial records, legal research and writing including preparing motions and briefs, and assisting with investigation, reviewing and collecting records, and conducting factual analysis in cases. The work demands rigorous attention to detail and creative thinking and offers students a closely supervised opportunity to learn the intricacies of death penalty jurisprudence, as well as criminal, appellate, and federal habeas law.

The internship begins with a training program, and we provide a program of weekly brown bag lunches where interns have the opportunity to learn from and meet some of the top public interest lawyers and workers from other organizations around the city, as well as our own staff.

The deadline is October 30, 2020. For addition details, including how to apply, please visit Symplicity Job Posting ID#26743.