Get to Know Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP and its Summer Program!

Dear Class of 2022,

This is an important time to begin your legal career.

While the collective experiences over these past months have impacted us all in different ways, as aspiring attorneys you no doubt have your own considerations and questions about what lies ahead. In such times of rapid financial, political, and social change, one constant is the unique opportunity attorneys have to help shape the laws and business practices that will be the foundation of our nation’s future.

As you progress along your career path and with one year of law school under your belt, it’s time to start thinking about a position for next summer. And we’re hoping that you will think about Cadwalader.

Cadwalader has a long-standing tradition of making a difference for clients and the public good. And we do mean “long-standing” — the firm was founded in 1792 and is the oldest continuing Wall Street law practice in America!

Over these many years, our own growth and development has often paralleled the major economic, social, and political events that have shaped our country and the world. In fact, to address today’s societal challenges, we apply our resources and capabilities to four pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Fighting Hunger, Investing in Our Communities, Justice and Equity for All, and Sustainability.

With approximately 400 attorneys in the United States and Europe, the firm is well positioned to offer top-flight services to clients conducting global business. We have built relationships with premier financial institutions, global corporations and funds, earning a reputation for crafting innovative business and financial solutions and developing precedent-setting legal strategies to achieve our clients’ goals.

Our multidisciplinary practice groups below handle groundbreaking transactions, complex investigations and litigation, and novel issues arising in emerging areas of law. In addition, we are very proud of the many accolades that have accompanied our work.

Getting Ready for Interviews:

Now that you know more about our firm, below are some tips for navigating the screening and callback interview process:

  • Thoroughly research each firm before pursuing an interview. It makes sense to focus only on firms that most closely match your interests.
  • Create a “cheat sheet” for each firm that you can review prior to your interview. Using this information, craft questions to ask during your interview that can help you narrow your choices.
  • Sources of your research should include:
    • Firm websites, especially any sections or microsites developed specifically for law student recruiting
    • Your school’s alumni or 3Ls who have worked in firms in which you’re interested
    • Surveys (NALP, Chambers, The American Lawyer’s Midlevel, Vault)
    • National or industry newspapers and magazines that have written about the firm, its cases, deals, or people
    • Legal and business blogs (But be wary! Blogs are not always credible sources and many post gossip or false information to increase hits and generate advertising revenue.)
    • The Career Services Office on your law school campus. Career services professionals can help you make connections with alumni, share with you feedback from former summer associates, and offer advice from career counselors who are familiar with the industry, among other things.
  • Be genuine and honest. Interviewers will assume that you researched their firm, but no one expects you to know much about the actual practice of law or specific areas of practice. Pretending to know more than you do or overinflating your qualifications will make you seem less credible.
  • Be courteous to other candidates and to firms, and respond to callback invitations promptly. Firms may designate a certain number of callback interviews to students at your school. They might wait for responses before offering an interview to additional candidates, so a prompt response is appreciated.
  • Before accepting a callback, strongly consider whether the employer meets the criteria that are genuinely important to you.

Cadwalader is successfully utilizing virtual platforms to engage with potential new hires during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our recruiting team is conducting interviews remotely and employing online onboarding tools. The 2020 summer class successfully completed our first-ever virtual program in July, and we are maintaining a well-attended schedule of attorney training programs, CLE opportunities and client events. We look forward to leveraging state-of-the-art virtual solutions for the upcoming winter recruiting season!

We hope that you will consider engaging with Cadwalader during the recruiting season. It’s the best way to discover that we may very well be the right fit for you