Statement by The Cuban American Bar Association in Support of 2020 Law School Graduates

The Cuban American Bar Association (CABA) issues the following statement in response to the recent postponement of the Florida Bar Exam, and similar postponements by other state bar associations nationwide, resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic:

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Florida issued an administrative order “establishing a supervised practice program that will let some applicants for the August 2020 Bar exam work in the law during the pandemic under supervision of licensed attorneys” according to a Press Release issued by the Court.  This temporary program establishes a mechanism for applicants to work despite delays caused by pandemic conditions and online testing failures. We applaud the Supreme Court of Florida for providing a path, albeit temporary, for the qualifying examinees to practice law under the supervision of licensed attorneys.

CABA, however, remains concerned with the impact delays caused by the Bar examination postponements and the COVID-19 pandemic will have on the future of the legal profession and its practitioners. Accordingly, CABA seeks to support recent law school graduates as they begin their long-awaited legal careers during this difficult time in our nation’s history. These recent graduates have shown incredible resiliency over the last several months and CABA welcomes them with its support, community, and purpose. In this spirit, CABA is proud to offer the 2020 law school graduates, who were otherwise eligible to take their state’s bar examination this year, the opportunity to join its organization at no cost for a one (1) year CABA membership commencing on September 1, 2020 through August 31, 2021. This special membership is being offered to all 2020 law school graduates, regardless of whether their state’s bar examination has taken place.

The 2020 law school graduates looking to join CABA should contact its Director of Operations, Karla Pascua.