Life Beyond Law Retreat – Newman Alumni Center on February 28th 2020!

Please see the following upcoming retreat for women lawyers being offered in conjunction with the Career Development Office at the University of Miami Newman Alumni Center on Friday, February 28, 2020. While the event is geared towards women lawyers, men are welcome to attend.

We are pleased to announce that the event organizers are offering Miami Law alums a 20% discount. Click here for the agenda and for additional information.


Opening Meditation & Intention Setting

We’ll begin our day with a relaxing mindfulness meditation that will set the tone for the retreat. Meet your fellow participants and set your intentions for the day.

Emotional Resilience: How to Reduce Stress & Be Happy

Discover valuable tools to reduce stress and resolve difficult emotions. In this session you’ll gain insight into managing emotional triggers in the workplace and understand the role thoughts, emotions, and habits play in how you react. Explore the link between mindfulness and resilience and how it applies to professional and personal excellence.

Life Beyond Law: Alternative Career Paths for Lawyers

They say you can do almost anything with a law degree! Enjoy this expert panel discussion with women lawyers who have personal experience navigating career change and guiding other lawyers through the sometimes choppy waters of alternative career paths. Walk away from the session with clarity about the best path for you.

Managing Time & Attention in a Busy, Distracted World 

Learn the necessity of deep focus and advanced time management techniques for productivity in a distracted world. Experience a neuroscience-informed focused attention practice and understand how focused attention practice supports work productivity. You’ll walk away with a plan for solid ways to get more done, and more of what matters most.

2020 Vision: Creating a Plan for 2020 and Beyond

Capture your biggest insights from the day and create a solid action plan for accelerating your career and life in 2020 and beyond. Walk away from the retreat with concrete action steps to keep you inspired and moving forward.