Alford Excellence Award – Scholarship for 2020 Delaware Bar Examination Takers

On May 27, 2020, the Multicultural Judges and Lawyers Section (“MJL Section”) of the Delaware State Bar Association will hold its annual Judge Haile L. Alford Memorial Breakfast. The event is held in honor of Haile L. Alford, the first African-American female judge in the State of Delaware. Judge Alford was appointed by Governor Mike Castle in 1992 and served on the bench until her untimely death in 2003 at the age of 54.

During the Alford Memorial Breakfast, the MJL Section will grant the 2020 Alford Excellence Award to at least three future practitioners who will sit for the July 2020 Delaware Bar Examination. The 2020 Alford Excellence Award will be in the amount of $3000.


Application materials include: (1) the 2020 Alford Excellence Award Application, (2) a personal essay (1000 word limit) and (3) at least one, but no more than three, letters of recommendation.

Part I: 

2020 Alford Excellence Award Application: Applicants must submit the application to highlight their superior academic credentials, leadership qualities, commitment to community service, and intent to actively practice law in the State of Delaware. Applicants must complete  all of the requested information in the application and include copies of their transcript (an unofficial copy is acceptable) and résumé. Applicants may also include copies of other relevant documents, such as awards, recognition certificates, etc.

Part II: 

Personal Essay: Applicants must submit a persuasive essay highlighting their demonstrated leadership abilities, commitment to community service, personal barriers that have been overcome and/or provides examples of academic achievements, awards and certificates, personal qualities and character. In addition, applicants MUST address why they desire to actively practice law in Delaware and/or their ties/commitment to the State of Delaware. As a reminder, this scholarship is intended to help supplement the costs of sitting for the Delaware Bar Exam.

Part III: 

Letter(s) of recommendation: Each applicant must submit at least one (1), but no more than three (3), letters of recommendation highlighting how the applicant meets any/all of the criteria mentioned above.

Part IV:

Each scholarship recipient will be required to submit proof of a submitted application to sit for the 2020 Delaware Bar by May 14, 2020. Failure to do so will lead to forfeiture of the scholarship.

All application materials should be submitted via email by March 27, 2020 to:

The Alford Excellence Award Selection Committee, Attn: Emily Bryant-Álvarez, Esq., Multicultural Judges and Lawyers Section.

To obtain the application, please visit the CDO or ask your CDO advisor.