2020 Florida Pro Bono Law School Challenge – Work on a Pro Bono Case With a UM Law student!

The 2020 Florida Pro Bono Law School Challenge will kick off on Feb. 3, 2020. The statewide competition, now in its second year, connects Florida law students with lawyers to partner on pro bono cases from local legal aid organizations. Students and lawyers can visit the website through April 3, 2020, to pick a case. All 12 of Florida’s law schools will compete to see which can take the most cases.

Step up to the plate and take a pro bono case in the 2020 Florida Pro Bono Law School Challenge! Right now, UM law students are awaiting alumni participants, so take a pro bono case today! As the pro bono lawyer, you’ll be responsible for the case with the help of your matched student.

  • 9 UM Law students have picked a pro bono case and are in need of an alumni partner as soon as possible
  • Visit the website to match with a student – you’ll double your volunteer impact by working on a pro bono case and mentoring a student.
  • You can still earn a point for your alma mater even if you pick a student from another school – there are currently 58 total law students in need of a mentor.
  • Don’t see the right case for you? Sign up on the site to receive notifications when new cases are posted from your school’s students.

Florida’s law schools are competing to see which can have the most alumni and student participation, and awards will be given at the Annual Florida Bar Convention in Orlando in June.

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Questions about the Florida Pro Bono Law School Challenge? Contact Claud Nelson, Pro Bono Program Director.

For additional information, visit the website.