Read the Article “Advancing Your Career in Trademark Law” – With Tips on Becoming a Trademark Lawyer

If you are interested in Trademark Law, Attorney Josh Gerben has written an article titled “Advancing Your Career in Trademark Law“. The article gives tips on how to proceed toward a career as a Trademark Attorney if you are currently in law school and considering entering this field. For a copy of the article, please visit the CDO or ask your CDO advisor.

Josh Gerben, Esq. founded Gerben Law Firm PLLC a decade ago, helping small and large businesses access affordable and responsive trademark lawyers. He represents a range of clients from small, start-up businesses to large, multinational corporations. He has represented more than 5,000 trademark matters at the firm. Prior to beginning his law practice, Mr. Gerben worked in the business world, allowing him to better understand and negotiate favorable deals for his clients.