Everglades Fellowship for UM Graduates

U.M.’s Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy is recruiting a 2010 U.M. graduate for a fellowship in Washington, D.C., for one year, beginning in August 2010.  Funded by the Everglades Foundation, the recipient will be placed in a staff position on Capitol Hill or in an Executive Branch department or agency with jurisdiction over issues affecting the Everglades. The fellowship carries a stipend of $32,500 for the year.

Applicants must be scheduled for award of a graduate degree from U.M. in spring 2010 (or must have recently received a U.M. graduate degree). A solid academic record is required.  The recipient must attend a two-day orientation at the Everglades Foundation in May 2010, will be required to submit monthly reports on his/her fellowship activities during the year, and must make a presentation to Abess Center undergraduates at U.M. once during the year.

Please send written expressions of interest and resume by email to Andee Holzman at the Abess Center by March 15, 2010. Please be prepared to submit a copy of your transcripts and three references, if requested.