The Justice Innovation Challenge – ATJ Tech Competition by ATJ Tech Fellows

The ATJ Tech Fellows Program has an open competition for the summer that will give out a $15,000 prize, a $10,000 prize and a $5000 cash prize–as well as other recognitions. This is an excellent opportunity for a law school student to work on in the summer with a legal non profit and community organizations as partners/problem site. They offer some great ideas as places to start–but the imagination is really the limit.

Applications close July 8th!


The Justice Innovation Challenge is seeking your bold solution to address important access to justice issues. The challenge—which will be run by the Access to Justice Tech Fellows program and sponsored by the Law School Admission Council—invites law student innovators and entrepreneurs from around the nation to participate in developing practical solutions that address communities’ legal needs for a chance to receive seed funding and mentorship.


We’re seeking community centered solutions that utilize digital technology, user-centered design, and/or data informed decision making in addressing the gap in legal services. Submissions can span the spectrum of civil justice issues.

Need inspiration on coming up with an idea. Be sure to check out the Project Ideas page for more examples. Solutions can address justice barriers from a geographic community, a community of common interest or a racial/cultural identity.


Participants can work individually or in teams on self-generated innovation projects, resulting in initiatives that can directly benefit and in collaboration with a sponsoring non-profit legal services organization. Projects should be aimed to help low-income individuals who need legal support and other resource help for legal issues such as domestic violence, consumer debt, evictions, business entity formation, foreclosures and access to government benefits.

For additional details, visit the website.