The American College of Employee Benefits Counsel (“ACEBC”) Connects Interested Law Students with ACEBC Members Regarding Employee Benefits Practice Area

The American College of Employee Benefits Counsel (“ACEBC”) offers a way to connect interested law students with ACEBC members for purposes of asking questions about employee benefits as a practice area.  Law students can find out what day-to-day practice is like from an experienced employee benefits attorney. It’s a challenging and enjoyable practice area — we’ll share what we’ve learned and answer the students’ questions.

Our website includes a link with details on how the student can contact us to participate.  If a law student is interested in talking with an ACEBC member about employee benefits practice, the law student should send an email with name, law school, email address, and phone number. The law student may specify interest in a particular type of practice, such as in-house, government, law firm, not for profit, or teaching. The information will be passed to an ACEBC member who will contact the law student. The ACEBC member has agreed to one email exchange or telephone exchange about the area that the student has selected (although, of course, the student and volunteer may agree to more discussions). Also, the discussion with the volunteer is intended as informational only—it is not a job interview, and students should not use the Law Student Outreach as a vehicle for seeking employment by contacting members.

Our website also includes information about our student writing contest which will be of interest to this same group of law students. The writing competition has been successful in many ways but one measure is that several of the competitors have gone on to practice employee benefit law after their graduation from law school.

Details about this program are available on the PDF poster.