American College of Consumer Financial Services Lawyers 2018 Writing Competition

The American College of Consumer Financial Services Lawyers is pleased to announce awards to be presented for:

(a) the best book

(b) the best publishable article, book chapter, or substantial book review

(c) the best student note or comment on a topic dealing with consumer financial services law.

The awards include cash payments of $2500, $2000, and $1000, respectively, a Certificate of Recognition from the College, and travel expenses to attend the Spring 2017 meeting of the College.  In any given year, depending on submissions, all three awards, or fewer, may be made.

Eligible entries will address a topic on consumer financial services, but not securities regulation, insurance, or the safety-and-soundness aspects of banking regulation.  Works on subjects within these (or other) areas, however, will be considered if they bear directly on consumer financial services.

Entries must have been written or published between November 15, 2016, and December 1, 2017.  The deadline for submission is December 1, 2017.  Unpublished entries should be typed, double spaced, and in law review format.

The winners will be honored at the annual meeting of the College held in conjunction with the Spring Meeting of the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association, to be held in Orlando, Florida in April 2018.

The American College of Consumer Financial Services Lawyers is a nonprofit association of attorneys who have made significant contributions to consumer financial services law over an extended period of time.  Its members include academics, present and former federal and state regulatory and enforcement officers, authors in the field, private practitioners, counsel for financial institutions and other service providers, and representatives of consumer protection and advocacy organizations.

Entries must be submitted in electronic format and should be sent to:

Elizabeth C. Yen, ACCFSL Writing Competition Chair
Hudson Cook, LLP

More information on the College may be found online.