Inaugural John D. Greenwald Writing Competition Submission Deadline: November 15, 2017

IIEL and the Georgetown Journal of International Law are pleased to announce the launch of the Inaugural John D. Greenwald Writing Competition.  The Competition is seeking submissions of Notes from current JD, LL.M., or SJD students on international economic law.  The Competition, named after John D. Greenwald, a former Deputy General Counsel in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representatives and first head of Import Administration in the Department of Commerce, commemorates his life by inviting top submissions on current issues relevant to international trade law, the jurisprudence of the WTO or regional trade organizations, jurisprudence concerning U.S. trade organizations, an issue relating to the political economy or the efficacy of U.S. or international trade regimes.

The winning Note will be published in the trade issue of the Georgetown Journal of International Law, one of the nation’s top resources for trade scholars and practitioners in the field of international law.  In addition, the author of the winning Note will receive a cash prize.  The competition is managed and supervised by the Institute of International Economic Law.  The evaluation of written submissions and the publication of the winning submission(s) will be managed by the Georgetown Journal of International Law.  The deadline for submission to this year’s competition is November 15th, 2017.  Submissions should be between 30 and 55 pages, double-spaced, submitted in .doc or .docx format, in Times New Roman 12-point font, and accompanied by a 1-4 page summary of the Note.  Please submit entries via email.

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