Welcome to the PSLawNet Blog!

Welcome to the PSLawNet Blog located at http://pslawnet.wordpress.com/ and launched on January 4, 2010. The goal is to serve as an information clearinghouse for law students and lawyers on public service career paths. To that end, the content will include:

  • legal news affecting the public interest job market (including government);
  • updates on resources for public interest job-seekers of all experience levels;
  • information on developing news stories and policy debates affecting the public interest community more generally; and
  • guest columns from public interest practitioners and career services professionals, offering a range of career advice and insights on substantive legal issues.

PSLawNet is the go-to career website for today’s and tomorrow’s lawyers who are committed to public service. Our job database – which includes thousands of individual opportunity postings and employer profiles – has long been at the core of PSLawNet’s offerings. In addition, they maintain a voluminous library of substantive, career-building resources, such as an annually-updated federal employment guide, background materials for postgraduate fellowship seekers, and summer funding resource page for law students.

It is also important for the continuing professional development of law students and experienced attorneys that they stay current on news and policy developments that affect the arenas they practice in. For several months, PSLawNet has produced the weekly PSLawNet Public Interest News Bulletin, which is now archived on PSLawNet.

The PSLawNet blog is the next, logical step in an effort to inform and educate public interest advocates of all experience levels by providing an ongoing environmental scan of the legal public service arena and offering daily updates on news and policy developments. The common thread in the blog activities will be the sharing of as much information affecting the public interest legal community as possible.