Harrity & Harrity Patent Associate Trainee Program

Harrity & Harrity is hiring for its successful training program for new patent attorneys who are looking for an opportunity to get their foot in the door at a patent law firm and prove that they have what it takes to be a superstar patent associate. The patent associate trainee program provides in-depth training in patent application drafting with the potential to become a full-time associate with our firm. The patent associate trainee program is a temporary position with our firm for up to four (4) months, during which time, you will be trained in the skills that are needed to prepare high quality patent applications for leading technology companies.

To qualify for this position, you MUST be able to write well. Also, you MUST have a J.D., have passed a bar or are awaiting bar results, and have either a B.S. or M.S. in electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, or physics. We will consider other similar technical degree backgrounds. Being registered to practice before the USPTO is a plus. During the training program you will be paid a salary, and your lodging will be paid for as well.

Should you successfully complete the training program, there is a strong possibility that you would be offered a full-time associate position with the firm.

To apply for this position, submit a resume and a cover letter explaining why you would be a good candidate for the program via email.