OCBA New Lawyer Training Program 2015

New Lawyer’s Training Program Overview:

The New Lawyer Training Program is an Introduction to a real world scenario of the Legal Profession. It is geared to law students who have just taken the bar exam and Attorneys who have been practicing for less than 3 years. This program will give participants real insight to navigating the courts as well as options to launch their career successfully. The program will occur on August 7 & 8, 2015.

This two day program includes a day at the courthouse with tours of the clerk’s offices, and Best Practice Seminars by Judges from the Ninth Circuit Courts.

Day 1 is primarily at the courthouse.

  • A tour of the Clerk’s Offices
  • A lunch and learn session with a JA panel discussing Hearing, Scheduling, Notices and Judicial Communications
  • The Hon. Jeanette Dejuras Bigney & The Hon. Donald Myers will teach Best Practices of County Court / How it’s Different than Circuit Court
  • The Hon. Robert Evans will review Courtroom Etiquette
  • The Hon. Patricia Doherty will speak on Best Practices for Circuit Civil, including Business Court, Hearing Room vs. Courtroom; and The Hon. Wayne Wooten will moderate a Public Defender and State Attorney who will speak on Best Practices for Private Criminal Defense & Pleas Bargaining.
  • There is a presentation on Professionalism
  • The day ends with a networking reception hosted by other volunteer bars such as CFAWL, and the Hispanic Bar Association.

Day 2 is at the OCBA Center.

  • Liz McCausland speaks on her experience as a solo practice
  • Top 10 way NOT to get a grievance complaint
  • Legal Aid – pro bono
  • Partnerships and how to set yourself up legally
  • Related Costs of Starting your own firm & Budgeting for your firm
  • Legal Research
  • Insurance needs
  • And everyone will be paired with a mentor for a year!

The program costs $175 for the two days which includes all seminars, breakfasts, lunches and receptions. And for students, a one year membership to the bar is included!

For more information, visit the website.