FASPE Summer Ethics Fellowships for Law Students

FASPE seeks applications for its 2015 law fellowships. FASPE Law, one component of a larger program that works with students in several professional fields, uses the conduct of lawyers and judges during the Holocaust and in Nazi Germany as a launching point for an intensive course of study on legal ethics. FASPE is predicated upon the power of place, and in particular the first-hand experience of visiting Auschwitz and traveling through Germany and Poland where Fellows study the past, connecting to it in ways that no class-room-based course can, and consider how to apply the lessons of history as they confront the ethical challenges of today.

Fellowships include travel from New York to Berlin, Krakow, and Oświęcim (Auschwitz), where Fellows work with leading faculty to explore ethics and history. Seminars cover topics such as: the challenge of ambition in professional development, how to manage duties of candor and confidentiality, which case decisions a lawyer may control, and dilemmas in day-to-day practice.

Ten to fifteen law students will be chosen to participate in the 2015 trip, which will run from Sunday, May 24 to Thursday, June 4. Fellowships cover all program costs, including international and European travel, lodging, and food.

FASPE is designed for students who intend to practice, whether in law firms, as prosecu-tors, as defense attorneys, or otherwise. FASPE staff are happy to talk with applicants who are concerned about potential conflicts with summer clerkships or bar preparation. Previous Fellows have balanced FASPE with other summer obligations.

To apply or to learn more about FASPE, visit the website.

FASPE programs are non-denominational. Students of all religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Completed applications are due by January 6, 2015. To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled in law school at the time of their application . Award notifications will be emailed by March 1.