Professor Michael Froomkin is Seeking a Summer Research Assistant

Professor Froomkin is seeking a part-time summer research assistant. The hours are negotiable, but likely would be in the 15 hour per week range, preferably starting after final exams finish. Current UM Law 1Ls and 2Ls are welcome to apply.  This job is only available to current UM Law students. This is a paid position.

The research assistant will assist Professor Froomkin with summer writing projects. The job requires someone who can write clearly, is well-organized and who is good at research in libraries and on the Internet. There may be some bluebooking involved also.

If you are interested, please send e-mail Professor Froomkin with the words RESEARCH ASSISTANT (in all caps) followed by your name in the subject line. In the email, please advise as to how many hours you would ideally like to work per week and what other jobs/courses you have planned for the summer (if any); when you are free to start and whether you have vacation plans (no problem if you are planning to take a week or two off during the summer); your phone number and email address; and whether you might be interested in continuing on at 10/hours per week during the next academic year.

Please attach the following to your email: 1) A copy of your resume (c.v.); 2) A short writing sample (non-legal is preferred — in any case, please do NOT send your LCOMM memo); and  transcript (need not be an official copy).

Deadline to apply is April 30, 2014.

For the posting, please visit Symplicity Job Posting ID#12726.