The MADD Court Monitoring Program: In-Court Volunteer/Internship Opportunity

MADD offers an opportunity in Miami-Dade County to spend time in the courtroom. Volunteers/interns attend court and collect data regarding DUI prosecution. The Court Monitoring program allows people to become even more familiar with courtroom processes and procedures and provides an opportunity to understand and analyze trends throughout the state.

Purpose of Court Monitoring: 

The Court Monitoring program works towards the elimination of drunk driving by observing court and collecting information on drunk driving cases. The information collected by Court Monitoring volunteers is used to better understand DUI, from crime through prosecution. Additionally, Court Monitors serve as a strong reminder that the public has a vested interest in the outcomes of drunk driving cases. 


  • Attend any court monitor trainings
  • Become familiar with court room procedure and personnel
  • Attend DUI misdemeanor and felony court cases
  • Collect information regarding DUI cases while in court
  • Use court house clerks as well as online case record searches to fill in missing data
  • Submit paperwork to the MADD staff in a timely manner

Required Skills and Qualifications: 

  • Must subscribe to the purposes, policies, and code of ethics of MADD
  • Must be 18 years old
  • Background check required; no criminal arrests or convictions
  • Must not have a case pending or be convicted of a drunk driving offense
  • Detail oriented, good listening and critical thinking skills, and open mind
  • Must be able to attend court on a weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • Must have reliable transportation to get to court
  • Currently looking for volunteers in the following counties: Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Hillsborough 

Time Commitment Required: 

Flexible, but typically 4 hours weekly. 


  • Effect change in the criminal justice system
  • Save lives by spreading MADD’s mission
  • Eliminate drunk driving

Supervisor: Shira Tober, Florida Court Monitoring Project Specialist.