Visit and Navigate “JD Careers Out There” – A New Link on The CDO Website

JD Careers Out There (JDCOT) is a video resource presenting career advice from lawyers and non-practicing lawyers to help attorneys and law students determine what to do with a law degree, achieve success and find career fulfillment.

The mission of JDCOT is to help you find a career that fits you and to help you thrive, regardless of whether you choose to practice law or are leaving law to pursue alternatives. There are so many things you can do with a JD – so many ways to apply your law degree and use your legal skills. JDCOT exposes you to these opportunities, guides you to the right path and helps you handle the practical, day-to-day career issues so that you can find success and enjoy the journey.

The Career Path Interview videos give you information about the wide variety of careers for lawyers. You’ll hear from established JDs of all kinds: from the many types of lawyers in different law practice areas to those not practicing law but working in alternative careers for lawyers – such as a sports agent, non-profit president, real estate developer, investment advisor and more. They each explain what their jobs are really like, who makes a good fit, how to break in, how to apply your skills from law school, and how to succeed.

The Mentoring & Coaching (Professional Development) videos of experienced guest experts help you navigate the practical (and critical!), day-to-day career issues you face as a young professional. You’ll gain the advice that only years of experience (or an incredibly generous boss) can bring.

Topics covered include:

  • how to have a successful job interview
  • how to network for career advancement and opportunities
  • how to communicate at work
  • how to handle a new assignment
  • how to develop your own clients
  • how to make partner at your law firm

You may access JDCOT on the CDO website.