ABA Law Student Division 2013-2014 National Leadership Opportunities

Submit Your Nomination for Division Delegate to the ABA House of Delegates or Vice Chair-SBA!

Deadline for Receipt: 11:59pm on June 1, 2013.

The ABA Law Student Division offers unique opportunities for law students to serve as leaders in the ABA while they are still in law school. These positions provide excellent resume-builders for students who receive hands-on experience working with practicing attorneys.

Delegates to the ABA House of Delegates:

The Law Student Division elects three Delegates to the ABA House of Delegates (the ABA’s governing body) to serve a one-year term. In short, these delegates are responsible for:

  • Representing the Division in the ABA House of Delegates and advocating Division positions to other ABA entities;
  • Advocating ABA House of Delegates adoption of Division resolutions, co-sponsored resolutions, and resolutions directly      affecting law students and legal education;
  • Serving as the primary contact and coordinators to the 65+ Law Student Division liaisons to other ABA entities; and
  • Working with Division and other ABA leaders to promote, advocate and lobby for law student and legal education legislation.

Vice Chair-Student Bar Associations:

Student Bar Associations serve as an essential link between the Division and law students around the country. SBA Presidents bring the concerns and issues of their students from a regional level to the ABA national level. The Vice Chair-SBA serves as the voice and representative of SBAs on a national level. Serving a one-year term, the Vice Chair-SBA is responsible for:

  • Strengthening relationships between Student Bar Associations and the ABA;
  • Facilitating discussions on legal education, law school, and law student issues among SBA Presidents;
  • Representing the interests of student bar associations and assisting these organization leaders in drafting/filing policy recommendations; and
  • Maintaining and developing resources and materials for the Division’s SBA webpage, handbook, conferences and law school chapters.

For more information, a position overview and a Nomination Form for the Division Delegate position or a Vice Chair-SBA position, visit the website.