NALP Public Interest Summer Job Search Webinars

This free two-part webinar series, co-sponsored by NALP and Equal Justice Works, provides both law students and CSO professionals with insight on the key elements of the summer public interest job application process.

Attorneys with years of application review experience highlight what you should and shouldn’t do; explain how and why public interest application materials may substantively differ from law firm materials; and explore the dynamics of personal interactions in interviews and networking situations.

To watch the following videos (about resumes, cover letters, networking and interviewing) and to download slides, visit the NALP website:

  • The Summer Public Interest Job Search Part I — Best Practices in Drafting Cover Letters and Resumes: Presented January 15, 2013 by Steve Grumm, Ashley Matthews, Paul Chavez, and Jennifer Thomas.
  • The Summer Public Interest Job Search Part II — Best Practices in Interviewing and In-person Networking: Presented January 22, 2013 by Nita Mazumder, Kate Devlin, and Dan Goldman.