The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation Spring Internship Program


The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation Internship Program was established to develop the next generation of liberty-minded leaders and entrepreneurs. Over the course of the program, Interns engage in key Foundation projects, while learning and applying Market-Based Management®.

The project assignments cover fascinating areas including policy research, leadership and talent development, grassroots education, marketing, and network development. This hands-on experience gives interns the chance to explore the non-profit sector, while applying the management philosophy they are learning from the Foundation, and allows them to build a network of like-minded friends and associates.

Each Intern is assigned a Foundation mentor for the duration of the program. The mentor will guide the Interns through assignments, assist them in learning the management framework and applying it to their non-profit work, and encourage them to become effective entrepreneurs for social change.

Spring internships are part-time and flexible, but Interns must be available at least 20 hours each week, including all day on Tuesdays. Spring Interns do not work on Thursdays and are paid an hourly rate of $12.00. Unfortunately, housing is not provided.

The spring Koch Internship Program is a unique, paid opportunity for students and recent graduates to work in Washington, D.C. The Foundation is currently looking for candidates who not only have a commitment to free-market principles and individual liberty, but also demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit in and outside of the classroom.  

Details about the Koch Internship Program:

   • Runs from January 19 to May 7, 2010

   • Offers part-time flexibility

   • Pays an hourly rate of $12.00

   • Allows interns to gain real-world experience working in a think thank or policy institute

   • Equips interns with the management training and professional development necessary to be successful and effective at advancing liberty 

Applications are due by December 4, 2009.   

Please review the flyer at  and visit the Foundation’s website at  to find out more information.

If you have any questions about the Koch Internship Program, contact