Attend a Free Live Multipurpose Legal Practice Webinar!

Law students and alumni are cordially invited to attend a free live webinar hosted by Danny Vazquez, President/CEO of National EUO, LLC. Through this multipurpose webinar, attendees will discover…

  • How to use niche knowledge to get a job, become more marketable or grow your own lucrative niche practice and how you can get started in a little over a month
  • The “Five Simple Steps to Niche Success”
  • The “Path to Profits”
  • The “4 Expert Mandates” — Apply them and succeed no matter specialty you decide to practice.

Danny Vazquez is the President/CEO of two national companies, including National EUO, LLC.  Having created a niche practice, he looks to expose students and alumni to opportunities available through National EUO and related training. Based on their commitment, dedication and ability to conduct EUOs and Statements, the company will identify those candidates who could end up working for NEUO or be granted the privilege to be part of their national network.

Students and alumni may register for the webinar and learn more here.