Check Out The 2012-2013 Federal Legal Employment Opportunities Guide

The 2012-13 Federal Legal Employment Opportunities Guide is a publication of NALP and PSJD. At first glance, seeking and applying for federal jobs can seem incredibly overwhelming, and job seekers may not know where to begin. The Guide contains:

  • information about the benefits of a career in federal government;
  • a look at the various kinds of work attorneys perform;
  • an overview of where the most attorney jobs are (and will be) in the executive branch;
  • resources to aid in finding the ideal opportunity; and
  • tips on application processes.

NOTE: in addition to content offered in the Guide, NALP offers expanded content and resources on PSJD’s Federal Government Careers page:

Readers should use the online content in tandem with the Guide. Online content offers the ability to:

  • browse a clickable table of contents to immediately identify the most useful content;
  • use dozens of hyperlinks in the Web content to click through to numerous useful online federal career resources; and
  • benefit from continuous addition to and revision of online content instead of waiting for the annually updated print edition.

Nevertheless, there is great value in having a hard-copy resource to print, read, mark up, and share with others.