The Career Development Office Announces the Launch of the Fall 2012 Externship Program

The Career Development Office would like to announce the launch of Session #1 in connection to the Fall 2012 Externship Program. The Fall 2012 Externship Program provides second-year (2L), third-year (3L) and domestic LL.M. students an opportunity to gain practical legal experience by working with local, national, and international corporations, government agencies, public interest organizations and the judiciary for academic credit.

Students gain practical legal experience by working under the supervision of lawyers, which is supplemented and enhanced by a corresponding academic course. Detailed information about the Fall 2012 Externship Program has been communicated to students through e-mail (e-mails were sent to the e-mail address attached to a student’s Symplicity account).

Email any questions about the administration of the Externship Program here. Questions about the academic course should be directed to Professor Jennifer Zawid.