Scholarship & Deadline Extension Information for Patent Drafting Summer Session

The Southeastern Intellectual Job Fair (SIPJF) provides the best technical advisors, patent agents, law students, & recent graduates with invaluable interview opportunities with organizations that practice in the field of Intellectual Property.

To accommodate students who may still be registering for SIPJF, the deadline for the best tuition rate available has been extended until June 3. There is also a money back guarantee: If you Do Not get an interview at SIPJF and wish to withdraw from our class, you will be refunded 100% of your deposit.

Summer Session Half Tuition Scholarship 

The Patent Institute of Training (PIT) 2nd Annual Summer Session Scholarship provides a half tuition scholarship to prospective students. This scholarship applies to students who attend live classroom-based sessions and online distance learning students. One half tuition scholarship is available for one in-class student, and one half tuition scholarship is available for one distance learning student.


  • You must apply on or before May 29, 2012, even if you have not yet registered for the Summer Session.
  • You must meet the PIT entrance requirements.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen, Canadian citizen, or permanent resident of the U.S.

Instructions: Submit your name and email address via the Scholarship Request Form here.

You will receive an automated confirmation e-mail.
Notification: Notification is sent to all applicants whether they are awarded a scholarship or not. Notification will be sent via e-mail.