PLI Offering Free Program: “How to Succeed as a Summer Associate”

PLI is in the process of scheduling their very popular, free program “How to Succeed as a Summer Associate” again.

Why You Should Participate:

A summer associate position is really a twelve-week interview. Simply avoiding career-limiting behavior is not enough; you need to successfully navigate the dilemmas and challenges you’ll face during the summer. PLI experts will help you figure out how to turn this opportunity into a permanent position at the firm. If you haven’t yet secured a summer position and want to be ready to put yourself out there next year, this program will provide an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insight into the summer associate process. At this free program you’ll get practical advice from law firm partners who’ve not only been through summer associate programs themselves but who are now involved in supervising the summer associates at their respective firms. 

What You Will Learn:

    • Workload and time management expectations
    • Getting feedback and dealing with criticism
    • Making the most of your mentor
    • How to take advantage of pro bono and training opportunities
    • Social expectations

The date and time is TBA for this program; however, you may watch the free archive of the same program from last year by clicking here.