CDO Summer Survey

The CDO is asking all returning students to complete its 2009 Summer Survey.  The survey asks you for information about your summer employer and how you obtained your position.  The data obtained from this survey will be provided to students for their own use in their summer job search.

Please feel free to complete as much of the survey as you are comfortable although the more information you share, the more useful the survey data will be to other students.  You may choose to remain completely anonymous by checking “no” to the question “Are you willing to be contacted by students about your summer experience.”

The CDO will compile the data received and will prepare a report that will be available to all students via the CDO Student Portal and your CDO advisor.  Again, for the report to be valuable to students, the CDO needs strong student feedback.  We appreciate your willingness to complete the survey.

You may pick up a copy of the survey in the CDO (Room A-112), from your advisor via email or from the CDO Student Portal.