Summer Internship With the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation

Position Description:

The mandate of the Special Rapporteur on the Human Right to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation has been established by the UN Human Rights Council in March 2008. As part of her mandate, the Special Rapporteur annually reports to the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly and carries out thematic research for these reports. The 2012 report to the Human Rights Council will deal with stigmatization in the realization of the human rights to water and sanitation, while the 2012 report to the General Assembly will take up the issue of human rights recommendations for the post-2015 development agenda for water and sanitation. The Special Rapporteur also conducts country missions, looking in depth at specific country situations. She also undertakes a range of activities (including speaking at conferences, writing academic articles, preparing promotional and informational material etc.) to generally promote the human rights to water and sanitation. Finally, she engages with a range of stakeholders to provide support and advice for the implementation of the rights to water and sanitation.

The summer position is intended to provide support to the mandate, working directly with Dr. Inga Winkler, who is part of the Special Rapporteur┬╣s team and will be based at Berkeley to work with the International HumanRights Law Clinic from April to October 2012.

Specific activities to be undertaken include research assistance for the annual report to the General Assembly and academic articles on the issue, as well as support in designing a project looking at the implementation of the human rights to water and sanitation in California, which will be part of the International Human Rights Law Clinic in the fall semester. This is an unpaid position.

Application Instructions:

Submit cover letter, resume, transcript and a short writing sample (5 to 10 pages) via email to Dr. Inga Winkler.


March 15, 2012

Job Class Level:

Candidates should be a 1L or 2L with prior academic or professional experience in international public or human rights law.