Rule of Law Informational Series

World Bank & IFC: Doing Business
Date: February 29, 2012
Time: 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM EST

**Dial-In information will be sent out one day prior to the teleconference.**

The American Bar Association’s Section of International Law (ABA International) continues its 2011-2012 series of Rule of Law Informational Sessions. These sessions explore the notion of rule of law, which organizations are involved in fostering the rule of law, and how to get involved. The sessions are free of cost and presented in-person as well as interactive teleconferences (advanced registration is required). Each teleconference will be recorded and accessible on the ABA International Rule of Law Committee website. Please join the ABA for its sixth session of this informational series to discuss the World Bank and IFC’s Doing Business project.

ABA International has been invited by the Doing Business project at the World Bank and IFC to contribute to the 2013 edition of the global Doing Business report. This invitation follows recent successful participation in the World Bank’s Women, Business and the Law report. Doing Business researches business laws and regulations in over 183 countries. The results of the research are presented in the annual Doing Business report, which is one of the most high-profile publications produced by the World Bank Group. The report offers measurable benchmarks for reform, and results in countries enacting more efficient regulation. Doing Business also serves as a knowledge resource for academics, journalists, private sector and others interested in the business climate of each country.

Panelists will discuss the following:

  • Origins of the Doing Business reports
  • What the reports measure
  • Doing Business indicators
  • What is new in the latest report
  • Which regions have the most business-friendly environment
  • Which economies are showing the most improvement
  • How and why to get involved as a Contributor

To read some interesting facts and updated news on Doing Business, please visit their Facebook page.

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