Two Unique Opportunities: Film Screening and Q&A With Filmmakers Shari Robertson and Michael Camerini

Shari Robertson and Michael Camerini are award-winning film makers whose film “A Well-Founded Fear” has become a classic in the field of immigration and human rights law. Their work is characterized by bringing broad themes and hot-button topics alive through the juxtaposition of the words and acts of the key players, all done in real time, without filter and with total, if unintended, candor. It truly is how legislative processes, and democracy writ large, work.

UM is fortunate to have this dynamic duo present two of their most provocative, and educational, films on campus. The topics are Congressional (in) action on Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Monday), and the volatile immigration issues as they are playing out in Arizona (Wednesday). Please join us for one or both of these riveting films, shown at the STORER AUDITORIUM at the Business Schoolon the UM. campus. Click here for parking and directions.

Last Best Chance – Screen the Directors’ Cut of the HBO Special “The Senators’ Bargain”

Monday, February 13th, 2011 –1-3:30– followed by a Q and A with the film makers at Storer Auditorium

Spring, 2007: This year, immigration advocates and grassroots expect great things. But Senator Kennedy has lost his partner McCain to presidential primaries, and the Republicans now put a very different offer on the table. Deep at the heart of this fast-moving story, we find a moral tale of modern American politics. Ted Kennedy, one of the handful of people who through his personal efforts truly changed the face of America, will be forced to decide how much does he want this deal, and what is he willing to trade for his greatest legacy?

Premiere of Protecting Arizona – First time this documentary has been available to the public

Wednesday, February 15th, 2011 –1-3:30–followed by a Q and A with the film makers at Storer Auditorium

Summer, 2004: Across America, grassroots supporters and opponents of comprehensive immigration reform are spoiling for a fight at the ballot box. In Arizona, no one can ignore it — voters’ frustration is at a boiling point. Citizens launch a wildly popular ballot initiative, PROTECT ARIZONA NOW. A popular radio host and ex-politician, is galvanized out of ‘retirement’? to try to beat it. Eventually national groups realize: if things go badly in Arizona, they will surely go worse in Washington. The rollicking campaign becomes a case study in local-national strategic alliances and the many ways they can founder.

The filmmakers are Shari Robertson and Michael Camerini. The two films they will be showing are part of a 12 part series entitled: How Democracy Works Now.