Lawyers for Literacy Law School Fellow Opportunity

Lawyers for Literacy Law School Fellow Opportunity 2009/2010

Lawyers for Literacy is a collaborative effort, in which local attorneys, judges, and law students provide civic and life skills education to underprivileged juveniles and young adults in Miami-Dade County, under the auspices of The Family Learning Partnership and led by United States District Judge Ursula Ungaro.

To date, Lawyers for Literacy has recruited over 100 volunteers from some of the most prominent law firms in Miami including: Greenberg Traurig; Kenny Nachwalter; Tew Cardenas; White and Case;  the US Attorney’s Office; and the Public Defenders office.

Classes:  Legal Up! Is a four-part, modular series of interactive workshops proposed by the Miami-Dade Family Learning Partnership designed to address these challenges in ways that interweave practical advice and legal information for youth. The first module provides an Overview of the Law and its importance in the lives of individuals and communities, a basic understanding of the law, and an individual’s rights and responsibilities within the law.

The second module deals with Housing and Landlord/Tenant Law.  Understanding of the law as it applies to landlord/ tenant relationships helps youth learn what will be necessary to find and maintain consistent and stable housing, which itself has a positive effect on educational achievement and employment .

The third module addresses Employment and The Law. The workshop on employment, in addition to providing practical advice on job-seeking, is designed to help participants understand the legal structure that governs their relationship with an employer and the protections afforded employees.

The Fourth module, which is critical to long-term financial stability, is Financial Literacy Education . This workshop, not only helps participants understand the law, and how it applies to consumers and financial transactions, but it aims to teach participants how to be fiscally responsible and how to establish and maintain credit.

Role of the Volunteer

  • Students will be required to teach a minimum of two modules (4 class hours) per month
  • Participate in a monthly lunch/learn session at the Federal Courthouse
  • Provide assistance with the Literacy Newsletter

Selection Criteria

  • Students are expected to have a sincere interest in public service
  • Have a strong academic record
  • Submit a (1) page letter to the selection committee (see application)
  • Interview by committee
  • Commit to one year of service

All applicants should submit the completed package to no later than August 25, 2009.  Applications are available in the HOPE office or by emailing

One outstanding student will be selected for an Internship with the Honorable Judge Ungaro.