The Department of Education Has Released an Employment Certification for Public Service Loan Forgiveness Form

The Department of Education has released an Employment Certification for Public Service Loan Forgiveness form to assist borrowers in tracking their qualifying employment and qualifying payments as they work toward earning loan forgiveness.

After borrowers submit the form, they will be notified whether their employment qualifies, the total number of qualifying payments they have made and how many payments still need to be made before they qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. This will be a tremendous help for borrowers in documenting the 120 qualifying monthly payments (at least ten years worth) they need to earn forgiveness. It also will provide them with some certainty that their employment qualifies.

Details of the interim certification process set up by the Department of Education, a copy of the form, instructions and a “dear borrower” letter have been posted to the Department’s Student Aid on the Web site. The Department will also be posting some updated PSLF questions and answers to the site soon. You can also direct questions to the Equal Justice Works.