Information Regarding Summer Judicial Internships in South Florida – Symplicity Summer 2012: Judicial Internships Session Only

In order to assist you with your summer judicial internship search, the CDO has launched the “Summer 2012:  Judicial Internships Session Only (Direct Contact, Externship)” in Symplicity.  This session includes information for all federal and state appellate court judges in South Florida (e.g. the federal Southern District of Florida, Florida Third District Court of Appeal and Fourth District Court of Appeal).   You are also encouraged to meet individually with Amy Perez, Director of Judicial Clerkships, if you have questions regarding obtaining a judicial internship outside the South Florida area.    

As indicated in the title, this session includes summer judicial internship opportunities exclusively.   Summer opportunities pertaining to private law firms, corporations, public interest agencies and other governmental organizations will be forthcoming in the spring.  Judicial internships are also considered “direct contact employers” and thus you will not submit your application materials through Symplicity.  Rather, your materials must be sent via mail to the judges.  Applications are being reviewed by judges on a rolling basis. 

To view the participating judges, log into Symplicity and select “OCI, Resume Referral, Direct Contact and Externship Program Schedules” from the top navigation bar.  From there, select the “Summer 2012:  Judicial Internships Session Only (Direct Contact, Externship)” Session from the drop down menu.   From there, you will see the names of 60 different judges listed.  You may view the judge’s contact information by clicking on the “Review” button to the left of the judge’s name.